It all began about a year ago, on a cold night in November. I was lying in bed when I started to hear a strange noise coming from my bedroom window. It sounded as though someone was gently tapping on the glass with the tip of a long fingernail. What made it all the more unusual was that my bedroom was on the third floor of my home. I sat up and slowly made my way to the source of the continuing taps and as I approached the window I began to make out what appeared to be the silhouette of a woman.

“How could this be?” I wondered. “What kind of madness would drive a strange woman to climb up this high? What could she possibly want?”

    It was at that moment, as if in response to my thoughts, that the window flung open from the outside. I shielded my eyes as an unearthly wind blew into my room. When I put my hands back down there was a gorgeous and dark woman standing before me. Her gaze was piercing yet sensual and there was a presence about her that cannot be described in mere words. Before I could muster the strength to speak she placed one long, red fingernail on my lips, slowly letting her finger slide down my mouth and below my chin. Her hand guided my face to meet hers and my lips were met with the light flicker of her pink tongue. She teased me with that perfect, soft tongue before sliding it into my mouth. As the kiss became more passionate she pulled me into her body pressing her large heaving breasts into my chest. My heart was racing but in the moment I did not realize that I could not feel hers beating at all. When she pulled away from my embrace I noticed that we seemed to be almost floating towards the bed. My legs were stiff but the ground moved below us until we reached the mattress and she climbed on top of me. I reached for the buttons on her blouse as she slowly pulled up the edges of her long black skirt, positioning herself onto my body. As she moved onto me, a small sigh escaped her perfect lips and she smiled down at me with those soul piercing eyes that sparkled in the moonlight. She moved slowly at first then gradually began to hasten her speed. My hands gently squeezed and caressed every accessible inch of her porcelain skin as her hips ground into mine. She laid her body against me as she continued to writhe with pleasure then whispered coyly into my ear “Please cum in my mouth.” Her shapely figure bounced up and down several more times before she dismounted and started tenderly sucking my throbbing cock. I had experienced some very memorable blowjobs in my life but the feeling of her cold tongue moving over and around my head and shaft were incomparable. As I reached the climax of pure ecstasy she pulled me deeper into her throat. Deeper than any woman had ever taken me. I exploded down her waiting throat and she moaned as I continued to cum. She moved back and opened her mouth wide to show me that she had happily swallowed every drop and it was then that I saw them. Her canine teeth were twice as long as normal and appeared to be sharpened to a fine point. Before I could say a word about them I blinked and she was no longer on the floor in front of me, she was gone. She wouldn’t stay gone for long though, as she has come back to my window every other night for the past 11 months. I never again thought about asking her to explain the teeth and lack of heartbeat. Why question a good thing? Besides, real or not, it’s the best sex I’ve ever had.