Winter has arrived! The season of “it’s too cold to get out of bed” and “watch me write my name in the snow” is here at last. The best way to stay toasty this time of year is by pumping up the heaters and layering up your clothing, but there’s a much more interesting way to get your blood boiling! How you ask? By cuddling up on the couch and watching one of these super sexy movies! I have compiled a short list of some of the naughtiest, most sweat inducing mainstream films ever crafted by the horny hands of mankind to keep you hot this holiday season:


Pretty Woman (1990): What’s more romantic and arousing than seducing your lady with a little piano music before slowly picking her up onto said piano and making sweet sweet love to her? The answer is nothing. This is why Richard Gere and Julia Roberts piano bar sex scene makes my list of sexy movies to help keep you warm.


Desperado (1995): Candles? Check. Guitar music? Check. Random spurs being run down the satin skin of one Miss Salma Hayek? Check and check! We all remember sitting down to watch the action packed Antonio Banderas film, Desperado when our eyes were suddenly given the gift of one smoking hot sex scene between the two stars.


Secretary (2002): It wouldn’t be a list of sexy films without one of the first movies to make us all realize that deep down inside, we just want to be tied to a tree in the woods while our lover ravishes our bodies. Just me? Fine then.


Blue Is The Warmest Colour (2013): One of the only films on this list to be given an NC-17 rating, Blue Is The Warmest Colour is a fantastically well-done story about two women who fall in love. I won’t say too much more to avoid spoilers but I will say that the sex scenes in this movie are some of the hottest I have ever seen.


Striptease (1996): Demi Moore in her prime. Need I say more? Well, I’m going to. Let me paint you a picture; Demi with cascading raven hair dressed in a slinky black ensemble gyrating on top of a table while the sounds of Prince emerge from a boombox. Not enough for you? Well, there is so much more to see in this classic 90s flick.


Bound (1996): Not quite as artistically done as Blue Is The Warmest Colour but you’ll find the common theme of beautiful women falling in love and getting it on in this gritty film starring Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly. Jennifer’s character is dating the dangerous Joe Pantoliano when she meets the mysterious painter/plumber Corky, played by Gershon. Sparks fly and so do the bullets in this exciting and steamy movie.


Sliver (1993): Back when William Baldwin was handsome as fuck, he starred in a creepy but sexy little film called Sliver alongside the stunning Sharon Stone. Baldwin acts as the building manager of a high class apartment building when sexy Sharon Stone moves in. Baldwin keeps a very close eye on all times. When you see the movie or yourself you will understand what I mean. Into watching people? Voyeurism your thing? Then this film is perfect for you.


Movies that didn’t make the cut:

Monsters Ball: sure, there’s a sex scene with Halle Berry’s boobs and they are lovely but Billy Bob Thornton creeps me out

Showgirls: lots of sex in this movie but all of it looks painful and confusing

Fifty Shades: LOL no.

Wild Things: Too easy