We're baaaack! After taking a few months off to let your loins cool down from the plethora of sexual streaming shenanigans we've pointed you towards, we decided now that the weather is starting to cool down, it was time to bring back some of that heat... if you knowwhatimean. And, boy oh boy did we pick a good month to drag you back into that sexy fold (that sounds so wrong yet so right). Let me tell ya, it's good to be back, bringing you all the best and steamiest in the streaming world with...

SEXFLIX: The sexiest streaming movies & shows coming to NETFLIX, HBO GO, AMAZON PRIME, & HULU in October 2018

Zack and Miri Make a Porno
With a title that has words like “porno” and “Zack” in it, you know, you just KNOW the nudity is gonna be ample. Professional adult starlets like Katie Morgan and Traci Lords make clothing-optional appearances but we're also graced with the charms of Lena Cheney and... Jason Mewes?? Ok, so they're not all winners, but you DO get some pretty racy shots of Elizabeth Banks in her skivvies. 
(Netflix – Oct 1)

Black Dynamite 
The trend of porn stars making cameos in mainstream films continues with this hilarious blaxploitation film starring Michael Jai White. Justine Joli, Charlotte Stokely, Erika Vution and Charmane Star all make sizzling appearances courtesy of a steamy foursome with Black Dynamite himself. He may not be Shaft, but Black Dynamite is definitely giving it. 
(Netflix – Oct 1)

The Cooler
It's true, I had never even heard of The Cooler until doing research for this article (See what I do for you people?). While it wasn't exactly the greatest movie I've ever seen it does have two great things going for it. One, William Macy is the star and he's basically awesome in everything he does. Two, The Cooler also stars Maria Bello, and if you follow Bello's career, you already know that you get to see every square inch of this hot blonde's body. I guess three would be that William Macy does NOT get naked, but that's really a matter of opinion. Either way, while you may not own a cooler, you'll probably want to take a cold shower after watching this.
(HBO GO – Oct 1)

Fifty Shades Darker 
You already know what you're getting with these Fifty Shades movies. True story, there aren't really 50 shades of grey. 
(HBO GO - Oct 1)

Inherent Vice
I'll admit it, I've never been a big Paul Thomas Anderson fan. I know it's not a popular opinion in this day and age, but I can't help liking what I like. I did like Boogie Nights though so I'm not completely biased. Anyways, Inherent Vice is an adaptation of a Thomas Pynchon novel, who is weird enough to be a perfect fit for ol' PT. Anywho, Katherine Waterston is naked pretty much throughout the entire movie so even if you don't like long, confusing movies, it's still a worthwhile watch.
(HBO GO - Oct 1)

The Devil's Rejects
It wouldn't be proper to have an October edition of SEXFLIX without at least one horror movie included, and thankfully Rob Zombie and his deranged crew help fill that disturbingly sexy void. The Devil's Rejects is one of our guilty pleasures and not just because of how many hot naked ladies show off their wares. It's a great, great horror film that's as twisted as you would expect from the shock rocker. HOWEVER, seeing Kate Norby, Priscilla Barnes and adult Hall-Of Famer Ginger Lynn Allen strip down to their birthday suits definitely add to the enjoyment. It's a shame Sherri Moon Zombie opted for a body double this time around.
(HBO GO – Oct 1)

Death Wish 2
I know what you're thinking, “Please don't let it be Charles Bronson in a sex scene”. Well, I've got some good news, Charles keeps his clothes on throughout, but you know who doesn't? A young and supple Robin Sherwood, who plays Carol Kersey – the daughter of Bronson's Paul Kersey. Why they didn't call this movie Deathier Wish is beyond me, but we won't hold it against them.
(HULU – Oct 1)

Mulholland Drive
David Lynch is a legend. That much is widely known. But what a lot of people don't realize is that Lynch LOVES including a sexual element in a lot of his films... and by that I mean he loves getting women naked. From Lost Highway to Wild At Heart there have been ample boobs, bush and butt, and Mulholland Drive is no different. Now, I don't want it to take away from how good this movie is because it's a really good film, but it's hard not to be distracted by the nakedness of Naomi Watt and Laura Harring. 
(Hulu – Oct 1)

Casting Couch
It would have been a crime if a movie called Casting Couch contained zero nudity. Thankfully, the people behind this National Lampoon knock-off knew the laws of the land and made sure that viewers would be laughing and virtually dry-humping throughout this 90-minute movie (What, that's how everyone watches movies, right? RIGHT?). 
(Amazon Prime – Oct 1)

Intimate Affairs
This not-so-funny comedy is all about a bunch of people getting together to discuss sex. Great premise, but the execution is a little limp (get it?). But that's not why we're here. We're here because director Alan Rudolph cast some top-notch sexpots including Robin Tunney, Julie Delpy, and Emily Bruni and they all decided that the only way this movie was gonna be remembered is if they all showed some skin. They weren't wrong. I mean we are talking about it now, right? Sadly Neve Campbell didn't agree with that theory so she stayed dressed. Oh well.
(Amazon Prime – Oct 1)