Welcome back for another sizzling edition of Sexflix for the month of July. This month we celebrate our Independence or, perhaps if you’re in Canada, you’re celebrating the birth of a place that introduced Poutine, William Shatner and the glory that be Pamela Anderson, who may have appeared in a previous edition or two of this article. So take that weenie off the grill and be prepared to shoot off some fireworks in the latest edition of…

SEXFLIX: The sexiest streaming movies & shows coming to NETFLIX, HBO GO, AMAZON PRIME, & HULU in July 2017

Titanic (1997)
“Paint me like one of your French girls” may go down as one of the most iconic pre-nude quotes since Arnold told Carl Weathers that Predator is scared of shirtless sweaty guys. Watching Leo getting all hot an bothered summed up how all of us felt when Kate Winslet disrobed.
(Netflix – July 1)

Road House (1989)
No one would fault you for arguing that this Patrick Swayze masterpiece is the greatest film in the entire cinematic universe, but lost in all that throat ripping and roundhouse kicking is the gratuitous inclusion of T&A throughout, particularly the T&A of super sexy Kelly Lynch.
(Hulu – July 1)

Taking Lives (2004)
The problem with movies where Angelina Jolie gets naked is most of the time they’re dark and depressing and psychologically disturbing. So, if you can get over that fact and also the fact that she has a tendency to be super annoying then this movie is made for you.
(Netflix – July 1)

Thirteen (2003)
This movie is co-written and costarring thirteen year old Nikki Reed, but before you go off in search… you sick freak… know that the jewels being flaunted belong to one Holly Hunter.
(HBO NOW – July 1)

Killing Zoe (1994)
The film that introduced Quentin Tarantino to the world (even if it was just as an executive producer), the real breakthrough performance was from Parisian Julie Delpy. Like so many Europeans, Julie has absolutely no qualms about gettin’ all nekkid in front of the camera. And like so many horny men, we have no qualms about watching her get nekkid.
(Amazon Prime - July 1)

Boomerang (1992)
Once upon a time Eddie Murphy was a guaranteed hit, mustaches were all the rage and Robin Givens was considered a sex symbol (although you didn’t want to look in her direction when she was with former beau Mike Tyson). That era is long gone, but if you want to reminisce about the good ol’ days when a peak at Givens tits was a dream come true then Boomerang is for you.
(Hulu- July 1)

Dead Calm (1989)
This movie sucked, but a naked Nicole Kidman doesn’t. Plus, this movie came out before she met Tom Cruise so you can tell she hadn't started hating life yet.
(Hulu – July 1)

Boat Trip (2002)
No one has taken advantage of being an Academy Award more than Cuba Gooding Jr. and no movie encapsulates that exploitation more than Boat Trip, which sees the former Mr. Rod Tidwell and Horatio Sanz mistakenly booking themselves on a gay cruise. Naturally, gay cruises are a mecca for hot women who love getting naked because…. well just because. Said hot women include former Russian playmate Natalia Sokolova and B-movie queen Rosalyn Sanchez
(Netflix - July 1)

Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus (2014)
Spike Lee’s Kickstarter-funded thriller is as ridiculous as the name would make you believe. Fortunately we’re treated to the lovely charms of British bombshell Zaraah Abrahams (not to be confused with teen mom trainwreck Farrah Abraham) who plays the role of Ganja Hightower (I swear, does Lee even try anymore?), who has an affinity for steamy lesbian sex.
(Hulu – July 14)

Married To The Mob (1988)
Married To The Mob was a highly underrated comedy from the ‘80s and had an absolutely stellar cast including a young redhead by the name of Michelle Pfeiffer (Who had already had breakout roles in Scarface and The Witches Of Eastwick). Sadly, Michelle has this thing about not showing off any skin on camera (how rude), but fortunately, we’re compensated by the lovely charms of Nancy Travis, no doubt rewarding us all for having to sit through Three Men And A Baby the year before.
(Amazon Prime  – July 1)