Ho ho ho! The Holiday season is a time usually reserved for family and other loved ones and NOT a time to spend plopped down in front of a TV, perusing until the wee hours of the morning finding that one magical moment, that needle in the haystack where you know Santa has stopped lasciviously watching and judging who's naughty and who's nice. That probably explains why the pickins are so slim this time of year. But fear not! Your friends at Woodrocket have done the work for you. You can spend less time flipping through and more time getting drunk on eggnog, wondering how the hell your girlfriend could cheat on you with your best friend! I mean.... getting drunk on eggnog. Anywho, our gift to you is the final installment for the year 2017 of...

SEXFLIX: The sexiest streaming movies & shows coming to NETFLIX, H AMAZON PRIME, & HULU in December 2017

Creep 2 (2017)
When the original Creep first came out back in 2014, it was a surprising hit as no one really had any idea what to expect from a movie that's about a guy answering an ad on Craigslist. And as good as the first was, the sequel is just as good if not better. And not only that, we are also fortunate to be given a gratuitous glimpse of hottie Desiree Akhavan's charms. Yeah I felt creepy watching, but you know what? I don't care.
(Netflix  – December 23)

Jack Frost (1998)
It's the age old tale of a serial killer who was horribly disfigured in a tragic chemical skill causing his skin to meld with, of all things, snow. We're not sure if it's based on a true story but it sounds like it probably is. And the best part? Get this, Shannon Elizabeth, post-American Pie, gets nekkid and gets it on with, a snowman. Must refrain from making a snowballs joke.
(HBO - December 1)

Species (1995)
Species showed us how sexy aliens can be, and you can thank Natasha Henstridge Marg Helgenberger for that. Natasha particularly loved running around outside in the nude like she was Wil Ferrell in Old School, although not as sexy. Thankfully this isn't the last installment filled with aliens that look like hot girls that detest clothes, which brings us to...
(HBO - December 1)

Species: The Awakening (2017)
The latest in the Species saga has been downgraded to straight-to-video and has long replaced Natasha Henstridge with the just as sexy, Mexican bombshell Marlene Favela. Favela does her predecessor more than enough justice with her willingness to bare all. Awakening? Yup. In my pants.
(HBO -  December 1)

The War Of The Roses (1989)
When one thinks of sexy movies, one normally thinks of... Danny Devito? Well, to be fair, Devito directed and starred in this piece of work, but it was Kathleen Turner who singlehandedly put War Of The Roses on the boner map thanks to a very friendly peek at her tasty tatas while lying in bed with Michael Douglas.
(HBO - December 1)

One From The Heart (1982)
What a major move away from Apocalypse Now for Francis Ford Coppola, One From The Heart is about a struggling couple who go to Las Vegas (of course) to try and rekindle their flickering romance. Well, while the couple may be struggling, watching Teri Garr prance around in the buff certainly helps MY love life (I'm so alone).
(Hulu -  December 1)

Total Recall (1990)
Three words: Three-tittied Prostitute
(Hulu – December 1)

Anarchy Parlor (2015)
A Lithuanian horror film that takes a place in a mysterious tattoo parlor which begs the question – why the hell would you go to a tattoo parlor in Lithuania?? A more important question is, why are we discussing the insignificant details of a schlock film that has sooo much nudity? None of the women are anyone you've ever heard of mind you (Beth Humphreys? Sara Fabel?), but really, does that even matter? Happy New Years!!
(Hulu - December 31)

Crank 2: High Voltage (2009)
Yes! I love the Crank movies. Filled with Fighting and voluptuous naked women and the greatest bald action hero in the world (Sorry, Bruce Willis). This sequel did justice and some to the original, with some wank-worthy shots of Bai Ling, Amy Smart and porn queen Jenna Haze.
(Amazon Prime - December 8)

Light Sleeper (1992)
A Paul Schrader-directed movie about a drug dealer starring Willem Defoe? Already sounds about as dark as you can get. While Susan Sarandon is the main female in this early '90s drama, it's the equally-sexy Dana Delany who provides us with the skin show, baring all while getting out of bed with the (ugh) equally naked Defoe.
(Amazon Prime - December 1)