Hello again to another incredible installment of SEXFLIX for the month of April. Unfortunately this month there is absolutely zero nudity streaming anywhere. Hah! April Fools! You didn't think we were gonna let it slide, did ya? For real though, April stacks up with the best of 'em regarding top-notch skin on the ol' streamies as we now like to call 'em. When they say April showers bring May flowers, I don't think they were referring to “those” kind of showers... if you know what we mean. So without further ado, let's dig into this month's...

SEXFLIX: The sexiest streaming movies & shows coming to NETFLIX, HBO GO, AMAZON PRIME, & HULU in April 2017

Alfie (2004)
Jude Law plays a smooth womanizer who learns about all the ups and especially the downs of this kind of behavior. Kinda ironic seeing that Jude's co-star and then-beau Sienna Miller caught him cheating with their maid only a year later. After getting a great glimpse of Miller's “charms” in the movie, we simply have to shake our heads in disbelief at Mr. Law's rationale. Bonus: a very naked Jane Krakowski, pre-30 Rock, also makes an appearance for our dirty-minded benefit.
(HULU - April 1st)

Long Nights Short Mornings (2016)
This is a movie about a single dude in New York and all the chicks he bangs which, as you could probably decipher, is a lot. From Stella Maeve, known best for her turn in The Runaways, to the suuuuuper cute Helen Rogers, what this movie lacks in substance sure makes up for it with flesh.
(Netflix - April 24th)

Open Your Eyes (1997)
This is your classic love story for the ages. Guy leaves girl, guy finds another girl, guy gets faced horribly mangled by an angry, pilled-up ex-girlfriend who slammed her car into a cement wall. Does the new girl take horribly disfigured guy back? Who cares! Penelope Cruz gets naked.
(HULU - April 1th)

Inherent Vice (2015)
If you're gonna combine Paul Thomas Anderson's wacky directorial skills with weirdo author Thomas Pynchon's nutty writing, and make a film that's almost two and a half hours long, well, you better include some way to keep me interested. Fortunately, they knew what they were doing and made sure to include plenty of nakedness courtesy of British bombshell Katherine Waterston. I haven't been this aroused by P.T. Anderson film since I saw Marky Mark's fake wiener. I'm not ashamed.
(HBO NOW - April 1st)

Slither (2006)
Slither is, in our minds, a very underrated little horror film by the great James Gunn of Guardians Of The Galaxy fame. Slither is all about these weird alien entities that turn people into flesh-eating zombies. Speaking of zombies, we are all blessed to get a glimpse at Canadian sexpot Tania Saulnier's sweater zombies and it's definitely worth the view. Add in some crazy sexy shots of Elizabeth Banks prancing around in her undies and we've got a winner on our hands.
(HBO NOW - April 1st)

American Honey (2016)
The question you have to ask yourself; is it worth sitting through a three hour Shia Leboeuf lovefest just to see Elvis Presley's granddaughter, Riley Keough, show her tits? The answer is yes... yes it is.
(Amazon Prime - April 1st)

Wild Wild West (1999)
Bet you wouldn't have ever expected to see this Will Smith debacle here, but we've got three words to explain why it is: Salma Hayek's butt.
(HBO NOW - April 1st)

Basic Instinct 2 (2006)
Considering she still looks stunning in the buff and considering that part one and two came out 14 years apart, we are convinced that Sharon Stone is a vampire... a really hot vampire.
(HULU - April 1st)

Dream Lover (1994)
Vegas odds are that if a movie stars James Spader, it's gonna have naked women. Dream Lover is a perfect example. Madchen Amick, star of the upcoming Twin Peaks reboot, shows all... and we mean all. I guess the greatest career boost is to have sex with James Spader. That's probably how Lou Diamond Phillips got his part in Supernova. We kid we kid.
(HULU - April 1st)

American Pie 1 and 2
Every month.
(HBO NOW - April 1)