Once upon a time, there was a beautiful and very horny princess named Olivia. All that princess Olivia wanted for her 21st birthday was to be gangbanged by the ogres that lived several miles away from her castle. The only problem was that she wasn’t allowed to leave the castle grounds by order of his royal majesty, her father, the king. The king knew what a sexually obsessed daughter he had so he made sure to always keep her locked away in the castle, far from any and all men. Luckily for Olivia, she had a friend who was willing to help her escape. Her handmaiden had been helping her prepare her little expedition for months now and it was almost time to set the plan into motion. As soon as the king fell asleep Olivia’s handmaiden would sound a false fire alarm in the kitchen, thus distracting the female guards long enough for the princess to make her escape. 

That night as Olivia lay in bed waiting for her cue to climb out of her window she couldn’t help but fantasize about sex with multiple ogres. Their giant green hands all over her soft pink body. Their giant tongues licking every inch of her flesh. Their huge, throbbing….”FIRE!!” This was it! The false alarm! Olivia grabbed her bedsheets and flung them out of the window, making sure nobody was below her to foil her big break. Once she was out of the castle and several miles away, she was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. Soon she would have her wildest dreams fulfilled. Everyone in the kingdom knew that ogres will fuck anyone or anything so she was sure that they would gladly accept her sexual request. 

 As she neared the entrance to their cave her heart began to race. She could smell the sweat of the strong beasts and hear their deep bellowing breaths. She slowly entered the lair of the ogres and began to undress as she walked deeper into the cavern. As soon as her final garment was removed she reached the den where all the ogres were waiting. They sat around a giant bonfire, roasting various meats and drinking large mugs of ale. One of the larger ogres looked up and pointed at the princess while making a guttural sound. She froze. Was this a mistake? What if they weren’t in the mood? All her fears were swept away as another one of the ogres came to her and swept her up off her feet with one hand. Four other ogres joined him and all began groping, kissing, and licking princess Olivia’s naked body. She moaned with ecstasy as they touched each and every inch of her. When she was so wet that she barely stand it any longer the largest of the ogres stood up revealing his giant boner and walked to the princess. Each of his hands grabbed her legs spreading them forcefully apart. Olivia gasped with pleasure as he slowly entered her tight little hole, taking his time to stretch her out. After the largest ogre cam inside her, the others took turns filling her up with what felt like gallons of ogre cum. When they were finished and she had had enough princess Olivia lay on the cave floor smiling from ear to ear with cum still dripping out of her freshly pounded pussy. Her birthday wish had been fulfilled.