Words by Rain DeGrey

I never meant to end up doing porn. It was a total accident. When I was a kid growing up, my fondest desire was to be a librarian. (Well, it was until I found out how much librarians got paid. Then I wanted to be a teacher. Until I found out how much teachers got paid) But porn? Getting naked and taking cock up the ass for a living? Complete accident. How did I end up here? Baby steps. Baby steps into rampant sodomy.

As a wanton hedonist in open minded San Francisco, I was enjoying everything that the city had to offer when a friend suggested I apply to model for Kink. I paused for only a moment and then thought, "Why the heck not? How cool would it be to get paid to do the the things I love and am already willingly doing for free on a nightly basis?" Talk about having your cake and eating it too! I submitted an application online and then went on my merry way, not really expecting to hear back from them.

To my great surprise, Kink accepted my application immediately and I found myself on set in the castle getting electrocuted and fucked by the one and only Princess Donna in under a week. It still didn't feel like PORN. No, it just felt like lots of fun. Fun I wanted to keep having.

Somehow I had stumbled onto a career. I kept getting booked, people kept wanting to work with me. By the time I looked up and assessed the situation I found that I had now become a full-time model. I was not a stunning beauty as a child and modeling was not where I had ever expected to end up, but here I was, having the time of my life. Getting paid cash money to have orgasms. It felt like winning. It was fucking awesome.

Now that I had become a Professional Naked Person, the only obvious step left was to go to Las Vegas and attend the AVN awards. Shockingly, I lasted three hours at my first AVN before they banned me for lewd conduct and escorted me out of the building. That's me: Too hardcore for the porn awards.

I was booked to work as a booth babe for a friend's website and after a few hours of pressing the flesh, she turned to me with a wicked grin and said, "Hey Rain, I have an idea! Why doesn't you take Sasha Pain out onto the convention floor and spank her? That would be fun!" Sasha was working as a fellow booth babe with me and her ass looked very spankable indeed. I didn't need any persuading. I grabbed Sasha by the wrist and hauled her fine ass to a clear spot on the crowded floor. The only place I could find that wasn't pressed solid with people was in the hallway by the entrance to the convention.

Once I had enough space to work in, I started in on that butt. I wasn't really paying attention to the growing circle of people around us as I was laser focused on the perfect peach ass of Sasha. And it was ever so much fun. Right up until the point flustered security guards came rushing up through the crowd and hauled us away to a chorus of disappointed boos. It turns out that you can't cause an obstruction to entranceways by drawing a crowd of people as you work over hot girl flesh.

Security didn't really know what to do with us once they had us collared. They seemed surprised that we were both totally sober and compliant. As if making out with hot girls in front of a crowd was something you would have to be drunk or out of control to do. Ha! I can make out with hotties dead sober.

In the end, they snipped off our wristbands, confiscated our badges and I was personally escorted out of the building and put into a cab with firm orders that I was not to be allowed back in the building for the rest of the weekend. It was rather like I was a naughty puppy that had piddled upon the rug and was getting swatted on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper. Oh well. I guess I am just too sexual for the porn awards. Such is life. 

Rain DeGrey is a veteran performer with over eight years in the industry who is blessed with both an extremely open mind and a very twisted sense of humor. When she is not being a Professional Naked Person she keeps herself busy as a writer, educator, and performer. For more Rain DeGrey, go to raindegrey.com, raindegrey.net and @raindegrey on twitter.