By: Layne Hunters

I was coming of age in the 1990s, so I’m quite fond of the racks from this fine decade. Fake tits eventually became all the rage, but the 1990s saw a lot of great natural sets as well. You might not be a fan of their music, but at least you can remember them by their fabulous chests.

Janet Jackson
It wasn’t until 2004 that Miss Jackson (If you’re nasty) exposed her nipple during the Super Bowl, but it was the decade before that we really got a taste of Janet’s assets. In 1993, she appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone topless with her husband cupping her breasts; five years later when she released The Velvet Rope, her breasts were massive, juicy and all things wonderful. However, that didn’t help the fact that The Velvet Rope sucked even by ‘90s pop music standards.

Geri Halliwell
Geri Halliwell AKA Ginger Spice had the best pair of breasts of all of the Spice Girls. Yes, one can argue that Mel B had great boobs as well, but I’m putting my vote for Geri simply because her boobs were flawless in her iconic Union Jack dress and in the music video for “Say You’ll Be There”. I also have a personal connection with her breasts, because they were the ones that made me realize how much I fucking love tits.

A carryover from the 1980s, Madonna’s breasts were everywhere in the '90s and they did not disappoint. She squeezed them together in front of burning crosses in the “Like a Prayer” video. She rocked her famous Jean Paul Gaultier cone-shaped bra like a boss, and she even flaunted them when she acted (horribly) in Evita. Now, Madonna looks like a muscular mutant leather handbag, but it’s nice to look back at how sexy her boobs used to be.

Jewel came into the scene as an Alaskan chick who lived in a van and could probably roll her own tampons. Despite the whiny, Lilith Fair folk sound she popularized, along with her embarrassing poetry, Jewel was carrying some major boobage. Just look at her chest and try not to focus on her abrasive sounding singing voice.

Natalie Imbruglia
Sometimes all you need is a handful, and that’s what Natalie Imbruglia brought to the tit table in the late '90s. The Aussie-born actress turned singer bounced around while wearing a hoodie and wife beater for her debut music video for the song “Torn”.

Shania Twain
“Let’s go boys…”

Shania Twain didn’t just cross genres from country to pop during this decade, she also flashed her goods a lot too, and boy were those goods great.

Jessica Simpson
Always playing third runner up when it came to the teen pop divas of the late ‘90s, Jessica Simpson did have a slight advantage for being a bit top-heavy. I remember back in the day when her then manager declared that his client’s breasts were perfect and natural. Maybe I shouldn’t mention it but her manager also happened to be her FATHER.

Mariah Carey
No doubt about it Mariah Carey has a set of pipes on her, but we weren’t only impressed with her 5 octave vocal range. Mariah’s curvaceous body and bodacious breasts really piqued our interest.

Britney Spears
When she landed on the scene in 1998 with her Catholic schoolgirl outfit, we couldn’t stop our impure thoughts even though Miss. Spears was only 16. Then, she showed her amazing set on the cover of Rolling Stone while holding a purple Teletubby. Who didn’t want to be that Teletubby?

Layne Hunters is a Boston born, certified organic, tomboy femme lesbian. When she's not creating smut for us, she's producing and writing films (of the non-humping variety). She has worked as a blogger for numerous websites, and as a copywriter for the wine and spirits industry. Yes, she can get free booze. No, she will not hook you up. Listen to her shenanigans at