Words by Rain DeGrey

The truth is that I never planned on being in porn. It honestly was a total accident. It still surprises me to this day that I am a porn star. When I was a kid growing up my goal was to be a librarian. True story. It was my great love of orgasms and strong dislike of wearing clothing that sidetracked me into becoming a Professional Naked Person.

As a youngster, I was just hanging out being a pervert and exploring all the fun that an open-minded and clothing-adverse person could get into when a friend suggested that I submit an application to Kink.com, the largest production company in my city. I only hesitated for a minute or so. Then I thought to myself, “Why the fuck not? Imagine actually getting PAID to do all the things that I love and am already doing for free anyway! How amazing would it be to pay my rent doing something that I would willing do for free?”

So I applied. The worst they could do was say “no thanks.”

To my great surprise, Kink got back to me in less than a week and promptly booked me for two shoots. An accidental porn career was born and I was off and running. I just kept getting booked for more and more work. Eventually it blossomed into a full time job. People wanted to throw wads of money at my head for getting naked and cumming my brains out and who was I to say no? I would be a fool not to take the money and the orgasms. Money and orgasms are delicious.

The years kept ticking by and a funny thing started to happen...people I have never met before or talked to somehow knew who *I* was. In other states and countries even! All over the world! Japan! Germany! How did all of these people know who I was? Oh yeah, that's right. The Internet. I honestly keep forgetting that all the freaky shit I get up is filmed and that others can see it. I get so into it personally that I tune out the cameras and just focus in on my fun. The fact that I would receive fan letters over just doing my job seems baffling to me, but it keeps on happening. What I personally like the most is that a lot of the fan letters are actually from women. They tell me that they find me inspiring. That I help them discover their sexuality and make them feel not alone. That I make them feel less afraid about being a strong sexual person. Evidently much more women are watching the porns than we give them credit for.

Of all of the fan letters that I have received over the years the most memorable one was from a girl named Kaylie that lived in Pennsylvania . She tweeted at me to tell me what a big fan she was and when I went to check on her profile I realized that she was 17. 17! How could she of even heard of me? My goodness. Kids these days, I am telling you. I wasn't talking to porn stars when I was 17.

Unwilling to risk the sticky implications of communicating with a minor I told her I would be unable to talk to her until she turned 18, which she both understood and respected. On the day of her 18th birthday, Kaylie promptly tweeted at me to let me know she was now legal to talk to, and we struck up a friendly correspondence. She was fun, open minded and an all around cool human. She even told her mother about me and her mother started following me on twitter as well. How cool is that? A mother AND her daughter following my porn star ass on twitter?

After some months of friendly chatting, Kaylie informed me that she had a little “situation” and was wondering if I could possibly help her out. Of course I said yes. I am a helpful sort of person like that. As it turned out, her "situation" was that she was planning on trying out anal sex for the very 1st time, and she was a little bit nervous about it. She wanted to know if I might have any advice or tips for her to make it go smoothly.

Well now. Say no more. She had definitely come the right place for anal advice. Butt stuff happens to be my specialty.

I take my anal play seriously enough that I actually teach classes on the subject. Enemas and cleaning, the best kinds of lube, proper prep and stretching...there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to sticking things up one’s butt. I was honored that she had come to me but then again I guess most 18 year old girls don't have a personal porn star on tap to talk them through their first anal experience.

After getting Kaylie's number I called her up and walked her through a phone version of my anal play class. I could hear her furiously scribbling notes on the other end of the line. Once I had pumped her full of information I sent her off to have butt sex with strict instructions to let me know how it all went. She texted me the next day to tell me everything worked perfectly. Awwww!! I melted inside a little bit with the happy. That was my girl, making me proud.

It never crossed my mind that because of porn I would be calling up 18-year-old girls in Pennsylvania and teaching them how to have successful first time butt sex, but that is the power of the Internet for you... you gotta love it. I still check in on her now and then to see how she is doing as I feel rather protective of this girl I have never even met. She has turned into a bit of an anal expert over the years and someone that is pretty confident in her sexuality. I am honored to have played a small part of that journey. Butt stuff for the win!!

Rain DeGrey is a veteran performer with over eight years in the industry who is blessed with both an extremely open mind and a very twisted sense of humor. When she is not being a Professional Naked Person she keeps herself busy as a writer, educator, and performer. For more Rain DeGrey, go to raindegrey.com, raindegrey.net and @raindegrey on twitter.