The end of September is fast approaching which means it's time for the most important piece of information you're gonna need for the next 31 days. And by that I mean it's time to find out the best of the best in terms of the unclad and the unclothed on all your favorite streaming sites. So grab your Jack-O-Lantern and get ready for...

SEXFLIX: The sexiest streaming movies & shows coming to NETFLIX, HBO GO, AMAZON PRIME, & HULU in October 2016

National Lampoon's Cattle Call (2006)

This wouldn't be a proper Sexflix article without at least ONE National Lampoon movie, but we decided to double down. It seems like there's about 10,000 Nation Lampoon movies doesn't it? But in fact there's only 7,500. In Cattle Call, a bunch of dudes set up a fake casting call in order to meet women. The results are a bunch of boobs and a few butts. It's like really soft-core Casting Couch porn but with worse acting.
(Hulu – October 1st)

National Lampoon's Dirty Movie (2011)

While the title is actually in reference to making the dirtiest joke ever and not making a smut film, it's still a National Lampoon flick so you know you're gonna get your fair share of juvenile filth including Playmate Lindsey Vuolo and the Schwartz twins Debbie and Lauren. Twins with Twins? Woah!
(Hulu – October 1st)

Everything you always wanted to know about sex (1972)

While there's no actual real nudity in this Woody Allen classic, there is a scene where a gigantic lactating tit terrorizes a town until they manage to corral it into a giant bra. I've jerked off to worse.
(Amazon Prime – October 1st)

Lost And Delirious (2001)

God bless Canadians and their decision to make a movie that involves Jessica Pare and Piper Perabo getting all frisky while wearing schoolgirl outfits until they don't wear them anymore.
(Amazon Prime – October 1st)

Devil's Advocate (1997)

There is soooo much sex and nudity in this film that it's hard to narrow down what particularly sticks out, but to the crew here at Woodrocket, we decided that the best parts include Charlize Theron taking her clothes off and Craig T Nelson keeping his on.
(Amazon Prime – October 1st)

The Uninvited (2009)

Emily Browning doesn't get naked, but she doesn't leave much to the imagination. And that's good enough for us.
(Netflix – October 1st)

Malibu Beach (1978)

If the hilarity of watching a dog repeatedly snatch off the bikini tops of unsuspecting babes resulting in some prime boob-filled viewing pleasure is your idea of genius filmmaking (as we do), then this 1979 surf movie is for you. Be warned though, Malibu Beach is not to be confused with...
(Amazon Prime – October 1st)

Malibu High (1979)

The only thing in common between Malibu Beach and Malibu High aside from the word 'Malibu' are the gratuitous shots of bare boobs throughout (thank you Jill Lansing). Aside from that, these movies couldn't be more different as Malibu High explores the dark world of prostitution and murder as opposed to Surfboards and lifeguards. But hey... boobs!
(Amazon Prime – October 1st)

Alpha Dog (2006)

Sure it's main claim to fame is Justin Timberlake's foray into more edgier forms of entertainment, but the real stars of Alpha Dog are whoever decided to cast and convince Amber Heard and Amanda Seyfried to have a steamy, nude-filled threesome in a pool. Although an argument could also be made for Olivia Wilde and her treasures.
(Hulu – October 16th)

V/H/S (2012)

Essentially the movie is made up of a bunch of short horror films, and the only one that really interests us from a sexy standpoint is Amateur Night starring the sultry Hanna Fierman, who plays Lily and displays everything... and we mean everything. The rest of the movie is ok, we guess.
(Amazon Prime – October 1st)

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers and Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1988, 1989)

Because it's Halloween month, it would be foolish to not have at least ONE classic horror film here. Like the National Lampoon movies, you pretty much know what to expect here; a bunch of girls run around with their knockers out and then they eventually die (spoiler alert).
(Amazon Prime – October 1st)

That's all for this month, but fear not as we'll be back next month giving you a REAL reason to be thankful on Thanksgiving.