Words by Rain DeGrey

Marica Hase has the face of an innocent angel, the heart of a complete pervert and can only speak a few token words of English. She is 33 and looks 13. And you KNOW she has to be a complete and utter pervert, as there could be no other reason someone would leave their homeland and travel halfway across the world to come to a country where they don't speak the language just for the opportunity to fuck for a living. It takes a special breed of person to say to themselves, "I don't know the language, the food is different, everybody looks different, I am going to get lost all the time but I NEED to do the porns in America!" And she proceeded to do just that.

Shooting with Marica is always interesting because you can't really hold a conversation with her. There are a lot of smiles and giggles, she has a heart of gold, and she really loves the dick. That is about all you have to work with. I picked her up at the airport for her shoot with Insex and she was in her usual Lolita gear, looking underage as heck. If I hadn't already seen her ID from the last time she had worked with us and known she was in her 30s, I wouldn't think she was even legal to shoot. Naturally, she was clutching a Hello Kitty phone.

"Hello!" she trilled. "Matt! Excited!"

Matt Williams was the director she had worked with before, and he is a master of his craft. He doesn't even like to do wax play, he thinks it looks silly and doesn't work well on camera, but he is a giver and completely adapted his usual style to do a traditional Japanese Shibari bondage style shoot, complete with red wax candle play. Marica had loved it. She was in rope slut heaven and it probably reminded her of her homeland. It took me months to get all of the red wax out of our studio ropes. Like I said, Matt is a giver.

"No Matt," I said. "He called in sick today, I am really sorry."


"Jack Hammer is your director instead."


"He is... um... really big, just so you know ahead of time."


Her cute little face fell, and I could sense her tiny Japanese pussy doing an involuntary spasm of panic. To say Jack Hammer is big is an understatement. If he lost a leg in a motorcycle accident he could use his dick as a back up leg. If burglars broke into his house he could use his dick as a baseball bat to beat them unconscious. His dick is just stupid big. It doesn't even make any sense. Whenever you see it flop out of his pants, even if you have seen it a hundred times before, you stop what you are doing for a moment out of sheer awe. I could understand Marica's reservations. It is tough to bring such a tiny pussy to the table when Jack Hammer is what you have to work with.

The shoot actually went just fine, as I knew it would. Most pussy is pretty adaptable. What made the day memorable was what happened after the shoot. Porn companies follow very strict codes of professionalism. All the sexy times happens when the camera is rolling. The second the camera turns off, all the clothes go back on and there is no touching. Anyone that thinks that porn sets are just rampant, unbridled orgies all over the place at all times with lines of coke laid out on hot toned asses would be sadly disappointed. Sexual harassment can happen anywhere, even on a porn set, and businesses are strict about that sort of thing. Cameras off? No touchy.

Marica had been tied up in different bondage positions for the entire shoot and it can be rather hard to see what is going on down there, even if she could certainly feel it. When the shoot was finally over, I could see something was on her mind. Approaching Jack tentatively, like a person not wanted to startle a shy deer, Marica gestured at his groin area and whispered, "Can I... see?"

Jack paused for a half a second and then said, "Sure" and unzipped his pants, taking out his tackle. It flopped impressively half way down his leg.

"OOOHHH!" said Marica, jumping back involuntarily for a second, her eyes widening before crouching down on the floor in front of him to get a closer look, her childlike face frozen in wonder and awe. "Can I... touch?" Her hand hovered, not quite daring to land.

Jack looked down and chuckled. "Go for it."

Marica picked up the massive log reverently, cradling it in her tiny little paws and stroking it, half in shock. It was as if she could not believe that monster was actually real. She seemed quite impressed with herself and her vaginal capabilities.

All the while I was quietly dying in the corner. Only in porn would you ask permission to touch a dick you had just spent all day fucking. Although to be fair, her hands had been tied up all day and this was the first time she HAD ever touched it.

Rain DeGrey is a veteran performer with over eight years in the industry who is blessed with both an extremely open mind and a very twisted sense of humor. When she is not being a Professional Naked Person she keeps herself busy as a writer, educator, and performer. For more Rain DeGrey, go to raindegrey.com, raindegrey.net and @raindegrey on twitter.